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Oaxaca: Towards Economic Recuperation

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The global health pandemic COVID-19 has considerably affected the economic stability of Indigenous communities of Oaxaca. Those most affected are our people who work the land, our artisans and the workers of the cultural sector who depend on the revenue from the sale of organic products, traditional and artisanal crafts and the provision of tourist services within their communities. On average, their economic income is estimated to have decreased by up to 80% on a monthly basis during this pandemic.

Oaxaca: Towards Economic Recuperation

In Community

The objective of our social program “En Comunidad” is to contribute to the economic recuperation of two of the main sources of incomes in the Indigenous communities of Oaxaca, “Las Artesanías y el Campo.”  (Craftsmanship and the Land)

You can donate and support the economic recuperation of Oaxaca. Support us, in order to buy organic products from the farmers of the state, such as: tomatoes, squash, zucchini, miltomatoes, chiles, lettuce, potatoes, beans, green beans, among so much more; and donate these products to the Artisans, the Producers of Mezcal, the local tour guides and the workers of the cultural sector, in general.



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With your help, we can contribute to helping our farmers, artisans and their families have the necessary goods in order to feed themselves for a week.

Your donations can be in the form of money or in kind.  To request your deductible tax receipt, send us an e-mail.