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In Community

In Community

A tribute to the great artists and artisans who have transcended the culture of Oaxaca, obtaining the title of  GREAT MASTERS OF THE  MEXICAN FOLK ART.

We honor with 2 projects, to promote conservation and spread the culture of our State :.

El Diario de Tiata - Cultural Cartoon

El Diario de Tiata is a Cultural Cartoon that tells the story of an Afro-Mexican girl who travels through Oaxaca and meets GREAT MASTERS OF ART. We will know in their travels the life and work of artists and craftsmen who have left us "Cultural legacy"  This project is determined by 12 Series of 10 pages each and in each of its series it will talk about a different artist.

Zapotec Word "Composite":  The Origins of Art

Xquendalau´ is a COLLECTION  LIMITED of Commemorative Mezcal Bottles (Only 1500 Bottles)  which contain an illustration on each label  dedicated to 8  GREAT MASTERS OF THE CULTURE OF OAXACA and by buying a bottle you are helping to finance the expenses of the "Cultural Cartoon" 


In Community

For the culture of Oaxaca

Artists and Artisans Honored

To speak of Great Masters of Popular Art of Oaxaca is to speak of an endless list of great people who have transcended, we fell short by choosing only 8 people for this tribute, we offer an excuse to all the great masters that we lacked to include.

Zapotec, a native of Arrazola Xoxo, was born on June 9, 1919. From a small job in various trades, he got the inspiration to carve animals in wood caring for cattle. At age 21, Alfonso Caso and Martin Bazán accepted him to work in Monte Albán. At first, he carved masks and small "copal" figures that he sold with difficulty, offering them from house to house in the city of Oaxaca. The President of the Republic Don Luis Echeverría recommended him to attend the United States to participate in the Festival de la Raza, in Los Angeles, California, in 1978, in this festival he coincided with Don Pedro Linares, the creator of the “Alebrijes ”, Competing with artists from Japan, England and other countries, Don Manuel won the first place of the festival for Mexico and Oaxaca, receiving the title of" International Grand Master ". He worked and taught his art in the United States and gave wood carving courses to several communities in Oaxaca, highlighting his own people Arrazola, San Martin Tilcajete municipality of Ocotlán and the Unión Tejalapam, among other communities, who learned the art and even Today they preserve the tradition, being this handicraft a world reference of the culture of Oaxaca.

Manuel Jimenez.

Creator of Wood Carvings - Arrazola Xoxo

Olegario Hernandez

Draft in Jícara de Pinotepa de Don Luis

Mixteco, a native of Pinotepa de Don Luis on the coast of Oaxaca. He is considered a great teacher, in the art that he learned from a young age in his community "carving in Jícara". Speaking alone, the Mixtec emigrated to the city of Guadalajara, where he learned Spanish and studied in Fine Arts. Since his return to Oaxaca, he has shared what he learned by teaching courses with artisans, artists, and people who are fond of his art in his community and in different populations of Oaxaca. Learn, develop and innovate lithography carving the stone inked black with gouges as if it were jicara, master other techniques such as silver jewelry, woodcut, drawing, sculpture and Oil. He has exhibited his work collectively with Maestro Francisco Toledo and Jose Luis Cuevas, and has also exhibited individually in different States of Mexico and in other parts of the world such as; Ventura California, McAllen & San Antonio Texas, Las Vegas Nevadas, Putnam New York, Santa Fe New Mexico, and Chicago Illinois.

Navarro Gomez Family  

Telar de Cintura-  Santo Tomas Jalieza.

Crispina, Inés and  Margarita, along with her mother Mariana, are worthy representatives of this pre-Hispanic handicraft, preserving the essence of the artisanal process of the backstrap loom, their work has transcended borders, and has been exhibited in museums in Canada, New York and France. The work of the four weavers has been recognized and awarded for its fineness and quality, highlighting among all the teacher Crispina Navarro, who has been awarded several times in national and international textile competitions and awards. 

Carlomagno Pedro - Barro Negro, San Bartolo Coyotepec

Carlomagno Pedro 

This artist is a visionary, creative person, committed to contributing  and development of the culture, traditions and customs of Oaxaca, he is president of the MEAPO (State Museum of Popular Art of Oaxaca), a space created in order to exhibit the best works of Oaxacan artists and artisans. The master Carlomagno, inspired by the carnivals of his people mainly, has represented works in black clay that have transcended borders, and have been exhibited in different parts of Europe and the United States. It has been featured on various occasions  within the popular art books of Mexico, as one of the GREAT MASTERS OF POPULAR ART, a place that has earned through his work and creativity  in his works.

Teodora Blanco  

Barro de Atzompa - Santa María Atzompa, Oaxaca


One of the maximum representatives of popular art is the teacher Teodora Blanco, a Zapotec native of the  population of Santa María Atzompa, who was a pioneer in transforming the traditional Atzompa clay into an artistic clay, his main contribution to the pottery of this community was the "pastillage" technique and the creation of human figures with animal faces, creating the first decorative clay nahuals. Her work quickly became international and popular, attracting the attention of famous collectors, such as NELSON ROCKEFELLER, who visited her and bought pieces by this artist. Today we can find some pieces in national and international museums.

Isaac Vasquez 

Textiles of Teotitlan del Valle 


The master Isaac Vásquez has proudly represented the art and culture of Oaxaca in the world, he was a pioneer in the rescue of pre-Hispanic natural colors in collaboration with the master Rufino Tamayo and Francisco Toledo, both outstanding artists from Oaxaca. His work is characterized in addition to dyeing with natural dyes for representing Zapotec symbols. Many of his works have been exhibited in national and international museums and he has been considered within the books of the GREAT MASTERS OF POPULAR ART IN MEXICO, countless times. 

Jose Garcia Antonio  

Barro Rojo de San Antonino Castillo Velasco 


From a young age I develop the talent to do  figures in clay, he learned empirically the art of pottery, which he has perfected over the years. Among his works stands out the figure of mermaids and the representations of women and typical costumes from the 8 regions of Oaxaca, even building pieces of clay more than 2.30 meters high. At the age of 54, he lost his sight due to glaucoma. and far from abandoning his love and passion for pottery, this led him to dedicate himself full time to this art, consolidating himself within the GREAT MASTERS OF POPULAR ART OF MEXICO and transcending his work to museums and national and international markets. 

Ignacio Gutiérrez Santiago  

Productor de Mezcal Artesanal - Santiago Matatlán, Oax.


El Viejón, as his local friends from Santiago Matatlan Oaxaca know him. is recognized for being at the forefront of the fourth generation of the  palenque "LA ESTELA" and the brand "MEZTLAN". This brand contributes to the conservation of the artisanal processes for the elaboration of mezcal, taking care that the raw material is of quality, and its processes are natural without the use of chemicals or industrial tools, thus guaranteeing a high quality in the distillate of the agave and the flavor of mezcal.  Ignacio Gutiérrez is considered a great teacher, representing the palenques of Oaxaca that continue to preserve the production of artisanal mezcal

Artists, artisans, civil society, Government Institutions, we make COMMUNITY ,  to promote the art and culture of our native peoples and contribute to the recovery  economical  POST  - COVID, with these two projects:

In Community


Illustrator Artist

The Illustrations of each of the labels in the Xquendalau ' limited collection, and the visual content of each of the series of the cultural cartoon "El diario de Tiata" we owe to the master Visual Illustrator JOSÉ LUIS G. CRUZ . Who is a plastic artist graduated from the academy of San Carlos, Oaxaqueño by birth and heart and who has stood out as: cartoonist, muralist, plastic artist of sacred art, sculptor and teacher of plastic arts.

It's time to help




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With your help, we can contribute to helping our farmers, artisans and their families have the necessary goods in order to feed themselves for a week.

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